Respondent is a FREE website that connects you with companies that are looking for people to test products, conduct experiments or simply have your opinion on a particular topic.

There are many research opportunities that are conducted in the form of Focus Group.

For those who are not familiar with Focus groups, they are a research method used to gather feedback and opinions from people.

Companies are looking for opinions on a variety of topics: from your shopping, to your finances, pension, travelling, food, and many more.

Websites, such as Respondent, connect you to the companies that are looking for feedback on a particular service or product.


Researches are conducted either In-Person or Remote.

Today I’m going to focus only on Remote Researches.

Types of remote research

  • One-to-One – Also known as an interview. Remote One-to-One research is conducted over video chat, the phone, or other communication methods.
  • Focus Group – Focus groups are multiple participants joining in the conversation at the same time. Remote focus groups are conducted over video chat, phone, or other communication methods.
  • Unmoderated Study – Any project that doesn’t involve direct interaction (either in person or remote) is an unmoderated study. Common examples are surveys and UX testing online.
  • Diary Study – A diary study is a study that takes place over a period of time with a participant recording their participation periodically.

Researches are usually conducted over Zoom so make sure you’re comfortable being on camera and you will get rewarded for your time.

I find the research studies to be very interesting and I love giving my opinion to companies that are looking for one. In the last month alone I made $99, which is roughly £78.


When you sign up it asks you for some personal information (Full name, email, date of birth, etc.,..) and some of them are optional such as to link your social media accounts, or to verify your work email, or to do an introduction video of yourself or upload a picture of yourself. Again, these things are optional but they help the researcher know you better and potentially have a better chance of getting invited to a study.


Once you’ve signed up, you head to the dashboard and find a suitable study that best fit your work skills or experiences.

There will be a series of qualifying questions that you need to answer that determine if you fit the specific criteria for the researcher’s project.

You won’t get paid to take the qualifying questions.

When you apply to participate in studies they will appear as SUBMITTED on your dashboard if you answered all the qualifying questions.

After that you have to wait to see if you receive an invitation to participate to the study project.

An invitation to participate in a project changes the status to INVITED. Look for an invitation email or check the message thread on your Participant dashboard.

If you do, you’ll get to choose a time that suits your schedule from the researcher’s calendar.

If you’re selected to participate, you will choose a time that suits you from a calendar made available to you by the Researcher. After you select the time you’d like to meet the Researcher, your project status will change to SCHEDULED.

Upon completion of a project, you are paid the advertised incentive, minus a fulfillment fee, $1 or 5%, whichever is higher. The project status will change to PAID/PAYMENT SENT and you will receive payment via PayPal usually within 5 business days.

The only way to receive an incentive payment on the Respondent platform is via a confirmed PayPal.


If a PayPal payment is delayed, reach out to the Researcher via the message thread in the project or click on the CONTACT button next to the name of the project, on your profile dashboard.

All other PayPal questions or issues should be directed towards Respondent’s Customer Support Team.


If the Researcher does not show up for the scheduled session they are still obligated to provide you with payment. In this case, here are the steps you can take to ensure payment:

Reach out to the Researcher via the Messages option with the following message while editing the bold text with the appropriate day and time.


“I attended our session on (insert date here) at (insert time here), and per Respondent’s terms, I am supposed to be paid for my time. You can see the cancellation policy here: https://help.respondent.io/en/articles/5489238-cancellation-policy

Please mark me as “Attended” for this session and issue my payment.”

Thank you.

Project Referrals

If you don’t fit in a project but know someone that might fit you can use the referral link, send them the link with the study and receive a bonus of up to $50 if they take part in the study and get paid.

You can also receive a bonus of $20 if you refer Respondent to your family and friends.

Click on My Referral link if you want to give Respondent a go.


Respondent is definitely not a scam. When I first signed up I applied to many surveys but hadn’t been selected for any. When I finally did get selected to take part in my first survey, I received payment to my paypal account in about 10 days. After I began applying to as many surveys as I could ; that I qualified for. So far I have made $99 with respondent over a 2 months time frame. It takes some time to get selected and you have to apply quick as spots fill up fast but its is very much worth it.

If you have any questions about Respondent or would like to follow me on my social medias I will leave a link here .

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