Nielsen is a world leader in consumer measurement. Founded in 1923, by Arthur C Nielsen, it was the first company to offer market research.

With headquarters in New York City, Nielsen now operates in over 100 countries.

There’s over 14,500 other UK households that have joined the program already.

Nielsen currently has Scanning Panels in a total of 26 countries allowing them to keep their finger on the pulse of consumers around the world and provide the most complete understanding of what consumers ‘watch ‘ and ‘buy’.


Nielsen uses an array of different approaches for collecting information, ranging from traditional methods like telephone, mail and online surveys to more technology-oriented solutions, such as in-home metering equipment, barcode scanners, and applications on smartphones.

It’s free to subscribe and they send you all the equipment for free. You have to connect it to a plug though so it will consume some electric but that’s about it.

You can scan every item you buy both online and offline, literally every item: from food to books, candles, medicine, everything.

Even if it’s just one product that you buy that day, scan it.

If, for example, there’s a week where no purchases have been made it is important that by Saturday evening you use your scanner to let them know and enter “No Purchase“. If you don’t do that you won’t receive the Active points for that week!

It’s very important you do that by Saturday evening as each Saturday your scanner sends all the information you have scanned during the week (i.e., between Sunday and Saturday) to Nielsen.

If you’re going away for a few weeks therefore won’t be able to scan anything, remember to enter the dates that you be away into your scanner using “Absence“, that way you’ll still be credited with your Active Points for the time you are away!

I went on Holiday for a couple of weeks two months ago, and I was still credited my Active Points!



Each week you could receive one of the following:

  • 90 ‘Shopping Points’ if they receive your shopping information.
  • 75 ‘Holiday Points’ if you are on holiday and you let them know you will not be shopping.
  • 75 ‘No Purchase Points’ if you do not do any shopping and let them know this.


  • 4 WEEKLY SHOPPING BONUS – If they receive your shopping information for 3 out of 4 weeks you will get 150 bonus points and if they receive 4 out of 4 weeks you will get 225 bonus points. 

  • 12 WEEKLY SHOPPING BONUS – If they receive your shopping information for at least 9 of the 12 weeks you will get 600 bonus points.


The points you save can be exchanged against a wide range of gifts that are featured in their Gift Catalogue. There’s over 4,000 gifts, including named brands, electronic equipment, household items, jewellery, toys, experiences and much more.

Every 4 weeks your account will automatically entered into a prize draw. In these prize draws they give away lots of amazing prizes, ranging from holidays to state of the art gadgets and once a year they even give away a brand new car!

So far I’m at 1915 points since August 2021.

These are some of the gifts that can be exchanged for your points.

And these are the different categories you get to choose your gifts from!

With Christmas coming up soon these could be some lovely present ideas for your family and friends!



I remember finding out about NielsenIQ a while ago as I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook; and after doing a quick research about the company, I decide to sign up to it.

After a day or two, I got sent a survey that I needed to fill out with questions regarding my personal and financial situation at the time. I answered all the questions honestly but didn’t get through.

I later found out that not everyone gets through this process as they look for specific individuals that meet certain criteria which I didn’t meet at the time.

Fast forward to a year later, I come across NielsenIQ again as I was doing some work on my laptop. I decide to give it a second shot as my personal and financial circumstances had changed by that time. So I proceeded to fill out the Survey and a day later I received an email saying I had been selected and was subsequently invited to fill out a second survey, This was mainly questions about my shopping habits, where I usually buy groceries from, etc..

I then received an email shortly after saying that I I was going to receive all the equipment in a couple of weeks time!

The equipment came through the post a couple of weeks later. Once opened the box, I rang them as the devise needed setting up. The lady on the other end of the phone was really nice and friendly and within 20 minutes the devise was ready to use.


I’ve been a member of this company for nearly two months now and I have not had any issue.

The points are religiously credited every week on my account.

Only downside is that you’re not actually making any money; You’re gaining points that you can eventually exchange with high value items so I personally don’t mind that.

I introduced the scanning of products into my routine now. So every time I go shopping, I get the scanner out and scan every product. It’s become a habit now!

I’m sure I will gain enough points by Christmas to treat myself to some nice Item for the house!

I also made a Youtube video about it and showed what came in the box!


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