Quidco is one of the most popular cashback websites in the UK.

It has over 10 million members in the UK and over £1 billion earned in cashback.

It’s been around since 2005 and consistently offers some of the highest cashback rates on the market.


Once you’ve logged in to Quidco, find the retailer you’re interested in and have a look at the rates of cashback. There’s so many offers you can choose from.

I couldn’t believe how many retailers they had on the there. These above are only some of the more than 4,500 retailers on there.

The main reason I use this app is for Grocery.

I shop at Tesco on a weekly basis and I use the Tesco Grocery Cashback offer which has the option to get your shopping delivered straight to your door.

Since I don’t drive and the nearest Tesco is 20 minutes away from where I live I find this offer very handy!

I have carried my weekly shopping at home before and hurt my back.

I have also called a taxi to help me get home quickly but found it pretty expensive.

This app was the perfect solution for me. Let me explain why.

So when you click on the offer you are interested in, Tesco Grocery for instance, it gives you some information about the time you’ll have to wait for the money to be tracked (once the purchase has been made) and consequently confirmed into your account.

So for this particular offer the money gets tracked within 24 hours from the day of purchase and paid within 6 months.

I just wanted to clarity this part because I’ve seen some people getting confused about it on the internet thinking that the cashback money goes into your account at the time of purchase, but that’s not how it works.


There’s a basic and premium membership.

In exchange for the extra benefits that a Premium account offer, they will retain up to £1 of your cashback earnings per active month on Quidco. If you take a break from shopping, you will continue to be Premium but there is no fee. No payment will ever be taken from your bank account to cover membership fees.

I personally use the premium one but I’m not going to give my opinion on it just yet as I haven’t fully tested it yet so I will post another article and see if it’s actually worth it.


You receive £25 for each friend you refer it to.

Your friend gets the £5 when they reach £5 confirmed cashback.

As soon as they reach £5,

£5 extra will be added to their account just for using someone’s link to subscribe.

Now, I will leave my link down below if you want to use it.

I’ve already said this in other posts but you don’t have to use my link; if you know someone who already use the app, then go ahead and use their link, but if you’re wanting to give this app a go and don’t know anyone who has it, feel free to use my link.


I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who’s looking to save a little bit of money through their daily/weekly/monthly shopping.

If you’re not using it you’re simply leaving money on the table and overpaying for pretty much everything.

Leave a like and a comment for any question or doubt you may have.

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