Swagbucks is a site and mobile app. You join for free and then earn points by doing simple tasks.

Founded in 2008, this company is based in El Segundo, California.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

With Swagbuck you earn SB points that are then converted into cash once the required amount is reached.

It might look a little messy when you first log in as there is so much to do and discover. I’m going to break it down for you today so hopefully you won’t find it as challenging as I did.

My suggestion would be for you to head straight to the rewards section and pick one of the rewards/gift cards.

I made a Youtube video about this that you might want to watch!

You can choose amongst the following Gift Cards:

  • Tesco
  • Mastercard
  • Caffè Nero
  • Marks and Spencer
  • iTunes
  • John Lewis
  • Starbucks
  • Mango
  • etc..

These are only some of the rewards on Swagbucks.

You can also donate to Charity:

  • Unicef
  • The Breast Cancer
  • Action Against Hunger
  • The American Red Cross
  • Smile Train Charity
  • ALS Charity
  • etc..

or you can covert your points into cash and withdraw it in your Paypal account.

Once you’ve done that, you can start accumulating SB Points.

I found it very demotivating not having a goal in mind when I first signed up as I didn’t know where I was heading. I remember not logging in for a few days and then back in again for a day or two and then off again.

It’s very important to be consistent and log in every day as the amount of points you get for hitting a Streak is higher. Let me explain:

  • 7 days Streak – 25 SB pointa
  • 14 days Streak – 100 SB points
  • 21 days Streak – 200 SB points
  • 28 days Streak – 300 SB points

How Do You Accumulate SB Points?

There are multiple ways you can accumulate SB Points on Swagbucks, some of which can be done passively.

Taking Surveys

Paid online surveys are one of the most popular ways to make money on Swagbucks. You can expect to earn 40 to 100 SB for the typical survey and they can take between 5 to 30 minutes.

When you first sign up on Swagbucks you’ll be asked to fill out some personal questions such as age, date of birth, profession, interests, etc. so that they can find Surveys that are fitted to your lifestyle.

Prior to the Survey, prequalifying questions will appear on the screen to which you will have to answer as honestly and correctly as possible in order to take the survey however, there is a small chance you may not qualify.

Daily Poll, and Gold survey are the two major survey options that Swagbucks offers. You can find daily survey options in your account.

Get Cash Back

Now, I wouldn’t suggest shopping online just for the sake of getting SB points but if you’re planning to buy something online you may want to check Swagbucks website and see if there’s any offer that will reward you SB points for that particular shopping.

You can receive SB points by shopping at

  • Argos
  • Yumi Nutrition
  • Ebay
  • Iceland
  • Lego

And many more.

Swagbucks Extention

Another way to earn SB Points would be to install The Swagbucks extention.

Basically, you search the web as you normally would, but instead of using your usual search engine tool you’ll be using Swagbucks extention instead.

I have downloaded it and currently using it. it’s at the top of my screen and therefore not a pain to use at all. When you search for something, you randomly win swagbucks. Usually just 10 , but sometimes 20, 40, 50! More times than not, though, you won’t win anything. But since it’s just your normal searching you’re not wasting your time!

I consider this a passive way to earn SB points.

Play Games

You can also earn SB Points by playing games:

  • King of Avalon
  • Farmville 3
  • Board Kings
  • Shadow Legends
  • Numberzilla,
  • etc..

Those listed above are just some of the many games available on Swagbucks website.

Rewards prices range from 100 to 5000 SB Points.

To play these games, you will have to turn off any ad-blocking software and also have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player already installed on your computer.

Swagbucks Referral Programm

Both you and your referral get 300 SB Points when your referral earns 300 SB within their first 30 days.

Plus, You’ll also earn 10% of their SB earnings for the life of their account.

Let me know if you would like to use my link and get 300 SB for free when you sign up.

Or you could get an extra 100 SB when someone you refer adds the SwagButton on their laptop or desktop.

Click here for Referral Link.

The Swagbucks App

The Swagbucks app allows you to do a lot of the same things as you can do on the homepage of Swagbucks on your laptop but it’s more convenient as you can do the same things on the go.

This app also adds several features not available at the Swagbucks websites.


Swagbucks is not gonna make you rich, like not at all. If you’re looking for ways to make money quick then this is not the place for you.

This is definitely going to help you earn some extra money on top on your income. Which is what I’ve been using it for.

It can maybe pay for a small present for your partner, or your children, if you have any, pay a bill. It’s not crazy money but it does help, especially in Summer or Christmas, when we need that extra money to buy some presents for family and friends, etc..

The pandemic has hit us all hard. I think we’re all looking for way to gain that little extra money every month, especially in times like these.

So what better way to start earning if not with Swagbucks?

Check out my Youtube channel if you want to know more ways of earning money online.

LINK TO MY SOCIALS – https://taplink.cc/myjourneytoselfemplyment

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