Hello there,

I’m back again! I hope you’ve had a lovely week so far. Mine has been good, I’m off work today so I decided to write a few lines to keep you all updated.

I have used WordPress for just over a week now and still trying to figure out how it works, be patient with me, I will get there eventually, I promise!

I love writing these posts and not taking myself too seriously, not worrying too much about little typos along the way and not knowing exactly what I’m going to say. I just want everyone to read it through no problem and enjoy the content.

Oh, I have a Youtube Channel, in case you didn’t know and would like to check it out, where I talk about how to make more money online. I’m no expert on this, I just show What I do on a daily basis to make a few extra quid a month.

During the first Lockdown back in March 2020, I was desperately looking for ways to make more money on the side, as what I was getting through Furlough would just about get me through the month. I just didn’t enjoy the feeling of getting at the end of month with just enough money for me to eat and pay bills. So that’s when I decided to find ways to earn more online.

That’s when I also decided to open a Youtube channel as I knew it would be the best way to reach as many people as possible in a short and reasonable time.

The very first reason for me to open a Youtube channel was to reach those who most needed it. I know and have personally witnessed with my own eyes how much people struggled during these past few months. I will show you how I make extra money and how you can do the same. Looking back I feel lucky as I was still able to pay my rent and bills but I know there were so many who just couldn’t.

Second reason I opened the channel was because I wanted an online space for me to share whatever I wanted to share. I always thought of opening a Youtube channel when I was Younger but was always scared of what people might have thought of me, so I always pushed the thought away and went on with my life.

Lockdown has made me realise that life is too short to worry about what other people think of you. Those people will always have something to say about you, good or bad, so why not just do it?

I’ve decided not to focus on just one topic and stick to that forever but to very the content. The main focus will be how I make extra money online but I also want to talk about my experience here in the UK as an European citizen.

I think many people will be able to relate to my story and I’ve got many funny stories back to when I didn’t speak any English and had to work my way through to where I am now.

There will be just as many people who won’t be able to relate to my stories which is totally fine, all I would like to do with these videos is bring a smile on people’s faces, especially during these hard times.

I’ve already made videos talking about the ways I use to make money online, some of which are: Qmee, Prolific, Matched Betting (I will be writing a post here on the blog analysing each and every one of them individually).

I have been testing out more survey providers behind the scenes and will be making a video about those too when I gather enough information and make sure they work.

Head to my Youtube channel if you haven’t yet, give it a watch and a subscribe if you like!


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