Hello there,

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Whether you’re coming from Youtube or instagram it’s a pleasure to see you here.

Let me introduce myself

My name’s Francesco and I’m 25 years old. 🙂

I came to the UK when I was 20 and haven’t left since. I live in a relatively big town near Manchester.

I enjoy my life here and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I didn’t know much English when I first arrived here so I could only mime what I needed and wanted (makes me laugh thinking about it now haha)

I remember how frustrated I would get when asking for directions as my English was very poor and people could not understand me.

After nearly 5 years, I can say My English has improved a lot and live here comfortably with pretty much no problem at all. I’m always trying to improve myself and learning new slangs and words every day so I keep my mind active.

I opened My Youtube Channel back in 2012 but never posted on it.

I recently decided to give it a go. It was back in March 2020 when I started thinking about posting on my Youtube but only came round to it four months ago when I posted my first ever Youtube video.

It was quite an experience, I must say. I can’t even bring myself to rewatch that video haha The cuts and mistakes I made are insane. I’m glad I brought myself to do it though because it was something I had been planning to do for ages and If I had waited for the right opportunity for me to jump on I would have never done it. Every day is an opportunity so Why not now I thought? I’m Glad I did it to be honest because I’m learning more now than ever before.

I do realise I still have a long way to go and that’s undeniable but I’m doing it and that’s all that matters!

What did I decide to open this blog?

Different reasons I would say.

First and foremost I enjoy writing. I’m not an author or a writer but I feel like I can deliver a good message as long as people have the patience to read through it.

I always thought people would judge me for making YouTube videos or expressing myself the way I wanted to but that was not the case in the slightest! It was all in my mind. Everyone was very supportive of my decision in fact the also gave me some advice on how to create better content which I’m still working on haha.

I don’t want to make this first introduction of me too long and boring. So I’ll stop.

There will be way more coming your way!

Stick around for more!

Thank you for reading all the way until here if you did! It means so much to me!

Hope to see you on the Channel!

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